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Wilmington, South Australia

Betty Oram

Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner



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I attended a session with Betty and her beautiful horses and found the whole experience both very interesting and valuable. The briefing we had before working with the horses meant Betty was able to tailor my session and activities with the horse to my specific needs. The horse I got to work with was calm and had a beautiful personality. I really enjoyed my session and would recommend Wilkydoo Equine Connection to anyone!

My experience with my EAL session was something that I will never forget. I was very nervous to start off with as I had not been around a horse since a child but Betty and Dozey certainly put my mind at ease and I found the session to be fantastic. Betty was amazing with the way she guided me through the session and we were able to identify and work on some personal issues. I felt very comfortable in the session and Dozey is just a beautiful horse who has the patience of a saint. I am looking forward to undertaking another session soon.

I approached Betty to assist me with some sessions that I needed to undertake for my course, whilst I thought I was attending as a learning experience, what I found was that I was actually learning a bit about myself. Betty was able to gently coax me into making some self realisations whilst working with the horses. I felt safe and supported in doing this. The horses allow for expression where normal counselling offices may not. The property and horses were a wonderful experience to be around.